Youtube’s nifty little features you probably didn’t know about

Jul 30th, 2017 Business john 5 min read

Every website has its own features. We just don’t know how to utilize it or like most people, tend to overlook and skip it just like the Terms and Agreements. Learning these features may help us in the future especially if we plan on expanding our knowledge on that specific website.

Youtube is just like that. Users might solely use the search bar, the play and pause button.  But most may not know that there are a lot of other uses than just wasting away watching videos. These are unknown to many simply because we don’t know how to use it and what it’s for or even know that it’s there in the first place.

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Unknown Features (to most people) of Youtube:

Audio Library

The emotional impact of music is well documented and when music, visuals, and a strong story work together, the results can be stunning. A great example is the current video for Greenpeace, which uses the music of Radiohead to underscore their ‘Save the Arctic’ campaign. Of course, you may not have the budget to license music at that level, and that’s where YouTube’s Audio Library comes in. Audio Library allows you access to royalty free music and sound effects, best part is they’re FREE to download. Everybody loves freebies, who doesn’t right?

Live Streaming

YouTube Live is where social media and video marketing combine, giving you the capacity to form a real-time bond with your online audience. Awww. This feature shouldn’t be used flippantly, as it’s exactly the same as hosting a company event, and YouTube will only let you stream if you have 1000+ subscribers and a good grounding. Better get your subscription game on.


YouTube’s video analytics tool, measures views by date, tells you where users are finding your video (related search, embedded player, YouTube search, “viral”), and even gives you an “audience attention” score. We use this tool primarily to see how viewers discover the content—that way we can determine which distribution channels are most effective.

Fan Finding

YouTube Fan Finder may have a cute name, but it packs serious clout if you want to attract people to your content. In a nutshell, Fan Finder is free YouTube advertising, targeted at what the site believes will be your key audience. The feature gives you up to five ads and, provided they make the grade, YouTube will use its algorithm to target users. Yay! More subscribers!


We see the future of online video in its potential for interactivity—video comments, mash-ups, and user generated tagging, and so forth. Using its Annotations tools, YouTube allows you to add text notes and bubbles, links to other YouTube videos or channels, and highlighted areas. It’s that part of the videos where people usually point around random places on the screen.

Closed Captioning

For organizations that work within the international community or who cater to those with disabilities, video poses a challenge. With YouTube’s editing tools, you can add captions and subtitles right in the player. That way you can watch a foreign video without wondering what they’re talking about.

In Video Programming

This feature is designed to drive brand recognition, by allowing you to embed a thumbnail of your logo or associated video, in any videos you upload. Consistency is the key to good online marketing, and this is a great tool for keeping you at the front of your audiences’ mind.

Improved Comment Management

There’s nothing worse than spending time on a video marketing campaign, only to have it damaged by negative comments. Conversely, disabling your comments altogether may stop you from maximizing the impact of positive comments. Thankfully, YouTube has recently introduced a streamlined comment management system that will allow you to sort comments for review. Keep the trolls at bay.

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Youtube Creator Studio

In today’s mobile world, the chances of you being tied to a desk are increasingly slim. To respond to this, YouTube have designed the Creator Studio. While all of your functionality still exists, Creator Studio allows you to access statistics, respond to comments, and receive channel performance notifications from your Android device. ON THE GO. Just not when you’re driving.

These features might sound familiar to some while to others; it’s like reading a different language, especially for the less tech-savvy who were just there to watch videos of cats and dogs and gardening. Although not a prerequisite, it would be better if viewers know these features since you might be able to utilize them in the near future.

Dental Implants

Need of securing dental treatments

Jul 17th, 2017 Health john 2 min read

The Sense implants are made to give a reason for elective teeth that pursuit and reason like ordinary teeth. The person who has dropped teeth recaptures the capacity to devour for all intents and purposes anything and absolutely will snicker with full certainty, appreciating that facial bends will be kept up and that teeth appear to be natural. The enhancements are little titanium articles that are situated in to the jawbone. Also, they can help secure facial system, maintaining a strategic distance from when teeth are truant the bone harm which happens. Implants are Titanium steel stays, which act as tooth root options. The surgically put in to the jawbone must be made with compelling core interest. Little impaction teeth are in this manner mounted on the upgrade, which project through the gums. These treatments supply unfaltering stays for manufactured substitution teeth.

Dental implant

In the event that you have truly broken or missing teeth, for the most part the factor you need many is only a backpedal to the circumstances at whatever point you had entire teeth. All that really matters are, the primary reason that it is an alternative worth thinking about is essentially in light of the fact that they offer that exact decision to you. A customary denture is only a moved up to helps you achieve some similarity of one’s dental reason that is past. Having a dental implant handle that is finished, reconstructing teeth the same as your firsts turns into a genuine probability.

Motivation to favor implant treatments

Among the upsides of implants is the way that they bolster helping one’s teeth which you have inside your mouth. When you are lost teeth, utilize and extra strain happens. All things considered, with enhancements in position your dental structure starts to accomplish something simply like an entire once more, supporting safeguard bone and one’s teeth you have cleared out.

A customary extension prepare involves to have the capacity to offer a point for that connection truly making mischief to one’s teeth round the scaffold. Implants deal with your teeth accurately and can in truth keep going for that rest of one’s presence if you get a dental implant prepare. Teeth are a basic zone of the general expressive structure, and you will be able to talk as fast while you may before you dropped a tooth in the event that you get changes. No denture happens with awkward issues. With typical dentures, teeth drop out of area, and obviously the tooth that you need to evacuate them of one’s mouth amid the night or may slide. Dental implants take out this worry.